Low-waste and Organic Marmalade Recipe

A recipe for a low-waste marmalade and cleaner all in one! 


  • Organic Citrus peels (lemon, lime or orange)
  • Organic Honey or another sweetener like agave
  • Water


  1. Save your peels and leave them to simmer in enough water to cover them, plus a bit more. 
  2. Once your peels are tender (after 10-15 minutes), drain the water into a container and leave to cool.
  3. Pour the water into a spray bottle and use it as an all-purpose cleaner!
  4. Once the peels are cold, slice them to your desired thickness or length.
  5.  Mix 1-part peels to 1-part honey although, you can adjust this as it depends on the consistency you would like.
  6. Cook the mixture on the stove for 10 minutes – here, you can add any spices, extra honey, or a splash of water.
  7. Spoon the mixture into a clean glass jar – a store in the fridge.
  8. Et voila, a cleaner and marmalade all in one for all your low waste cleaning and tea and toast desires!

By Anne Escoffery-Courtenay

A bit about Anne: ''My mission is centred around our planet; raising awareness about what we consume and where it goes when we no longer need it. I'm exploring living consciously and sustainably, ethical fashion and growing compassion for our planet. I believe changes like these should be an exploration, rather than an austere set of rules. I am sharing what I learn on this journey; principles rather protocol, food for thought, and I hope to provoke your thoughts and inspire a change - big or small.'' Insta: @sustainablyoptimistic www.sustainablyoptimistic.com/

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