A batttle with depression and packaging



These photos are from 2015/16 during a time I was ‘housebound’. I had reached a high level of depression where I literally only left the house to buy food and tabacco and I’d take almost daily trips to Sainsburys to grab a pack of cookies which I ate in a matter of moments.
I was already buying loose fruit,🍇 vegetables 🍅 and dry goods 🌰 but my processed foods intake was enormous and counteracted any healthy choices I made.
Still, having always been obsessed with packaging and ingredients, and on a quest to retrieve my health away from the dark place I was in, I started to document what I was putting in my body and what waste I was creating, especially as I had no idea where my recycling would be going.
So I started to empty the contents of my weekly recycling, laid it out on my living room floor and took photos of how I had been living..
thinking perhaps one day I’ll write about this. (That I am) 🙌
This exercise eventually (unconsciously) led me to more interaction with the outside world, and I got my first job out of depression as a deliveroo cyclist (where I didn’t have to socially interact if I didn’t want to) and as a consequence I ‘forgot’ to take photos of my rubbish because I was now busy with the world again and going out on cycling adventures with new friends in the city 🙂🏬
You’ll notice over the span of photos (over a period of around 3 months) that the waste I created from my consumerism gradually declined and I stopped both eating so much processed sugars and creating unnecessary waste and I assume it was because I was documenting it.

I wanted to share because I feel it shows us that the way we treat ourselves sits alongside how we treat our planet. The more ‘crap’ we consume, the more crap we burden the earth with.
Documenting our consumption, online or offline can help reduce it because we can become more aware of our habits and are able to contextualise the wider picture of our behaviour and how it affects ourselves and our environment. Living healthy for yourself also means treating our planet kindly. 💚🌎
And some years later, I can tell you that my packaging waste is low level because I’m blessed enough to live in an area where all that is eco friendly is accessible.
As a consequence of CP transition town, I get my household products from Roots and Cycles and food goods from The store cupboard and Crystal palace food market and other small businesses around the area. It’s both individual and collective effort which make this possible and it would be wonderful to see more areas jumping on board with some green thinking 🌎
But mostly… This is a reminder that if you want to take care of the planet, take care of yourself first.. once you become more aware and kind to the state of your health, the more naturally and easier it becomes to live a lifestyle that compliments the health of our planet

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