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Roots & Cycles

Crystal palace’s Zero Waste Shop


Non Bio laundry - £2.95/ ltr Biological laundry liquid - £3.29/ ltr Fabric conditioner - £2.30/ ltr Washing up liquid - £2.16/ ltr Toilet cleaner - £2.65/ ltr Surface cleaner - £2.55/ ltr White vinegar (for cleaning) - £1.10/ ltr Rose hand soap - £5.90/ ltr Epsom bath...

A batttle with depression and packaging

    These photos are from 2015/16 during a time I was 'housebound'. I had reached a high level of depression where I literally only left the house to buy food and tabacco and I'd take almost daily trips to Sainsburys to grab a pack of cookies which I ate in...

Great Things Ahead!

Yes yes we are!! You asked for it and it's happening. From Sunday 13th January, we will open the shop on Sundays from 11am to 4pm.

New Website!

We're building something pretty special here at Roots & Cycles! Stay up-to-date and follow our social media!